Tips to overcome 5 common bamboo flooring problems

Bamboo is a preferred flooring choice in Adelaide. People opt for this, but still have many questions in their mind. They are concerned about the common problems associated with the bamboo flooring and look for the effective solutions. Wrong solutions and fake claims by the companies have misled the homeowners. These have created doubt about the quality of the flooring option.

As flooring is one of the essential parts of home improvement process and includes huge investments, you need to be very careful while choosing the right material as well as the company. There are different companies offering bamboo flooring in Adelaide, but you cannot rely on everyone. Besides this, you should also be aware of the common bamboo flooring problems and right techniques to overcome them. So to help you, here are 5 common problems and their solution.


  1. Swelling

Moisture is like an enemy for bamboo floors. If you ignore it for a longer period the bamboo floor can absorb the moisture and can swell over time. To avoid this problem and enhance the life of your floor, make sure it doesn’t have an accumulation of moisture. Clean the spills immediately to prevent the floor from absorbing the moisture. Be careful when mopping the floor and ensure that you use just a slightly damp mop.

It does not absorb water immediately. So you get some time to clean the moisture as the water just pools on the top of the boards first.

  1. Dents and Scratches

There is a huge variety of bamboo flooring. If you opt for a soft one, you need to be very careful about the scratches and dents as it is more prone to these problems. It is better to first check your lifestyle and then choose a flooring option. Don’t just get lured by the cheap deals; also, check the quality of the bamboo used to make the floor.

Sometimes built-up dirt, furniture, and footwear also cause dents even on the hardwearing form of bamboo. To protect your floor from these problems you can either use carpets or keep rug at the entrance to avoid entry of dirt. Try not to drag the furniture; keep it on a thick rug when you need to place it at a different location.

  1. Emission of Toxins

Actually this not exactly the problem with the floor but with the manufacturing process followed by the company. When floors are produced abroad, manufacturers don’t follow the safety guidelines and use toxic materials. Use of toxic sealant causes emission of different toxins. To avoid this, make sure you buy bamboo flooring in Adelaide from a reputable manufacturer. You can also control this problem by using recommended cleaning agents.

  1. Discoloration

Another common problem with bamboo flooring is discoloration. This can be due to moisture or excessive exposure to sunlight. Though it might sound strange, but the right placement of furniture can affect the bamboo flooring. Try to manage the placement in such a way that is minimized exposure to the sun rays. Periodic cleaning of the floor with right chemicals can also prevent discoloration.

  1. Refinishing

This is more of a myth than the problem. Depending on the quality and age of the bamboo floor, you can sand and refinish it. The density of the bamboo tells the number of times you can refinish it. If you use thick planks you can refinish it multiple times.

Hopefully, the tips help you overcome the common bamboo flooring options and maintain the beauty of this for years. You can also take advice from the companies offering bamboo flooring in Adelaide to enhance is life and beauty.

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